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My Life - The Most Famous School in the World

A two-part film: Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th March 2014 at 5.30pm on CBBC

This programme follows three boys – James, Theodore and Faramade - who have all won New Foundation Scholarships to Eton College.

In the first episode we meet our three lads as they get fitted out in their brand new school uniforms ready for their new lives ahead. We learn how the boys first heard of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and witness their mounting excitement as they get ready to leave home and start their lives at Eton.

We see how different everything they encounter is to their former lives - but will the boys settle in? Will they keep up when many of the lessons are completely new to them? Will they get to grips with all the new words and phrases? And will they make it to the half-term break without too many mishaps?

In episode two our young Etonians have to face the truth that exams are looming. The second half of their term becomes a whirlwind of lessons, revision, tests and Mufti Day where some boys seem to take the 'no uniform day' rule to extremes! 

Despite being exhausted by all things new, the lads are determined to do well in the end of term exams and everything builds to that moment. But have they done enough and are they now true Etonians, or is there still a little something of their former selves left inside?