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Kicked Out:From Care To Chaos, BBC3

Rebecca Southworth was taken from an abusive family home aged 13 and placed in care. Ten years on, she revisits her own painful history and meets others like her to discover why such a high proportion of sex workers, rough sleepers and prison inmates spent time in care.

There are 70,000 children in care – living in other people’s houses or care homes after experiencing abuse and neglect, or having a parent who couldn’t look after them.

By the time they reach 18, they must leave and stand on their own two feet. Rebecca discovers that life is tough when you leave care, with few places to turn for help - and the consequences of failure can be terrible.

Rebecca confronts her past and meets others who have left care or are about to, in order to understand what’s going so wrong. A sex worker, young men living on the streets and a 17 year old with a string of convictions – over 3 months, Rebecca is part of their rollercoaster lives.

What has taken so many from care to chaos? Is it the experiences that led them to care in the first place, the process of going from home to home whilst ‘looked after’, or learning to live independently at such a young age without much of a safety net?