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EDL Girls - Don't Call Me Racist

Monday 10th March 2014, 9pm on BBC 3

The English Defence League has gained notoriety as the far-right street movement with racist and extremist members whose protests often end in violence. Many of its members feel misunderstood and misrepresented by the media. This film explores the lives of some of the females living within the EDL’s ranks.  

After the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby last May, the EDL's ranks multiplied five times and a growing number joining the largely male group were women - they are known as EDL Angels.  

This film follows a committed Angel, a new member and a teenager trying to decide whether to join, over six  tumultuous months, charting the impact of EDL leader Tommy Robinson's departure as well as unearthing their views and fears, and shining a light on what members of the EDL believe and why. 

Gail, 41, is the regional EDL leader for Yorkshire and one of the founding EDL Angels. In May last year, she was attacked in a fight which resulted in her jaw being broken in seven places. The film follows her through the court case of the men accused of attacking her, and explores how her EDL beliefs have impacted on her life and family 

Amanda is an 18-year-old new recruit from Yorkshire. From her first introduction to the EDL, to her nervous debut at a demonstration, she speaks of the fear of Muslim extremists that has made her turn to the EDL. The programme follows her journey to understand the EDL's principles as will as the mixed reception she gets from friends about her new political interests.  

Katie, 16, from Reading is from a large extended family of staunch EDL supporters, including her mum and two sisters. Katie, however, struggles to make up her mind up about whether she wants to be part of their campaigning or if she's even prepared to tell her new college mates about her family's passion.